Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Marc and I – Soldering Yet Again at Crafting Live, Malvern.

Following our day scrapbooking at Crafters Companion, Marc and I moved on to Crafting Live at Malvern with Create and Craft the following day.
I have to say that after my past disappointment at the Hobbycraft Show at the NEC it was a very pleasant day ……..
…… where we got to see the various Create and Craft programmes going out live which was interesting in itself.
It was also comfortable to get around, there were enough stalls with a good range of different products and you could look at things properly without being pushed and shoved and your ankles bashed!  There were an awful lot of dies and stamps, but I was still able to stock up on all the card colours I needed and treat myself to a few other bits and pieces (including some Tonerflex foils and accoutrements) and Marc could have a good look at the Screen Sensations stall, although I think he must almost have all the screens they have.  
There were also plenty of Make and Take Workshops, but in the end nothing really called our names ……
……. then we spotted Glass Garden Studio who were doing workshops that included soldering, something we have both tried so many times but with mixed results.  Well, it was a no brainer and Marc treated us both to the Bunting Workshop – their example shown below.
With an excellent tutor putting on the copper tape was a doddle …….
The soldering wasn’t as much, but we had all the proper tools to use and yes, with practice (Marc bought the soldering iron and solder for future playing) I think it’s something I could now finally master ……..
……. especially minus the large audience that built up around me while doing it!  Also, on the plus side, Marc did manage to sell a couple of extra workshop tickets to said audience as we were working!  What is he like?
glass bunting 
It was a confidence boosting experience, just learning how to hold the soldering iron properly was so worth it.  I have the bunting safely put away, I think I could add a few little bits to it ….. and then find somewhere to hang it, most probably in my guest room.  Happy Days

Monday, 23 April 2018

Scrapbooking With Michelle Jackson Mugford at Crafters Companion, Evesham

Another apology from me, this time for only just posting Marc’s and my day scrapbooking at Crafters Companion, Evesham with Michelle Jackson-Mugford, blame three busy weekend on the trot!
download (1)craft
The day started off a little fraught for Michelle as she got stuck in traffic on her journey down, hardly able to move for hours, finally arriving, poor lady, four hours late, but despite that we had a BRILLIANT day, the staff of Crafters Companion were so hospitable and Michelle a real trooper.
Michelle gave us a choice of one of her scrapbooking kits, accompanied by a detailed instruction sheet to get us started on the background for our page and then, using the smaller embellishment elements we were left to soar!
The kit Marc and I choose had a sort of potting shed/garden theme, so I am glad I took, among others, a picture of Bertie in his rabbit ears …… which made me think of Peter Rabbit.
You will notice, as per usual, that all but Marc’s hands managed to evade any attention from the camera!
I tell you what, working on a 12ins x 12ins sheet is a world away from a 5ins x 5ins card …….
……… and I seemed to fiddle fart forever before committing to any sort of gluing.
It was also tempting to use everything we were given, but I managed to restrain myself.
The page is now safely put away, it still needs a title somewhere near the top …… I was thinking something along the lines of “…… Little Bertie Rabbit had a fly upon his ear, so he flipped it and he flopped it and the fly flew away ……” – I just need to find a suitable background paper to write/put it on …. and then I might put it in a frame to go in his bedroom to embarrass him when he is 18!
Thank you to Michelle for taking me out of my crafty comfort zone, and the elusive Marc, whose idea it was and treating me to a wonderful day.  Hopefully we will now keep an eye out on other workshops going on at Crafters Companion and who knows, do a few more in the future.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Wedding Invitation Samples

This is the first sample pack I have sent my nephew and his fiancĂ©e to see what they think, after they asked me if I would “make” their wedding invitations.
Amanda sent me a link to a very expensive site in the US and asked me if I could come up my own interpretation on the basic theme/idea, wanting clean simple and very less is more.
She liked the idea of a band, a vellum wrap and a seal, but not necessarily all of them together, so I tried as many variations on the theme as I could, incorporating the rose gold mat card she had picked out from all the paper and card samples I had sent her from various companies and using a grey font.
As you can see there isn’t an awful lot of crafting to be done, it’s really all computer lead, except of the odd tiny flat back clear gem or pearl and the seals, made using my Ranger Melt Art Melting Pot, now discontinued!
So much of my time was taken up with experimenting playing an assortment of fonts, varying their size and style, be it capitals, regular and italic etc..
I am now waiting to see what they whittle their choices down to (if any) and what other variations, changes to wording etc. they want before I set up another round of samples. I think there will be an awful lot of too-ing and froing before we get to that final production stage, so watch this space. 

Monday, 16 April 2018

Disney Countdown Drawers

OMG  ……….. IT’S FINISHED!!!!
Disney Countdown DRawers Disney Dress It Up Buttons
I finally got two days to sit down properly and get the final thirteen drawers, as well as the sides and top finished.
It’s been a long old slog, but I am so chuffed with how it’s all turned out, with the end result exceeding all my expectations in buckets!
Some drawers were a bit of a fiddle fart to get all the buttons I wanted to use along with the countdown number, like the Aladdin one, but the extra space over the drawer top and the dividing partitions gave me some much needed wiggle room.
I was also determined to use up all the buttons I had bought, as I knew anything left over would just end up at the bottom of a box, probably forever.
In all, I only had two Tinkerbells left over, but they are now “hidden”, one on each side of the box for Iris and Bertie to “search for”, as they will be lost among all the other stuff.
At first I wasn’t too sure about all the fuss on the sides and top, using all the left over bits and pieces from the Carpe Diem Say Cheese sticker book I bought, so that was when I called a halt at the end of day one and slept on it, returning next morning with fresh eyes, thinking “yes, it’s over the top but it works” and then continued to add even more bling to it …… with my less is more mantra well and truly out of the window
I have to admit to getting a bit bored of using flat backed gems and stars to “fill in the gaps” and then I remembered some tiny nail art flowers I’ve had for years, they were so perfect for the Winnie the Pooh and Chip ‘n’ Dale outsidey drawers.
I even decorated the sides of all the drawers with washi tape and stickers, nothing was going to remain unused and unadorned.
This wasn’t a cheap project, it was my choice to use Dress It Up Buttons, however it was during the collecting of all the bits where I found how hard it is to find legit/licensed Disney pieces, unless they were “knock off” like a few Frozen and Disney Princess stickers and to be honest they just looked cheap.  So on the very conservative side, the bits alone cost me around £60 ……and I say that in a whisper.  The drawers were from The Works, usually costing £15 each, but I got three when there was a 30% off offer which then worked out at around £10.50 each – although I have noticed that lately promo codes aren’t applicable on then now, so I’m not sure if getting another bargain would be possible. 
I have two other sets taking up far too much space at the top of my wardrobe, so they need to be done before too long ……. I am thinking one should be for Christmas 2018, using wooden snowmen and snowflakes which I already have and cost less than £10 through sales and offers, and there’s really enough there to do two or three sets of drawers!  The other set I think should be more eclectic and for me! I have a lots of key and lock embellishments as well as other interesting flat back bits and pieces which I am thinking about  ……… all I need now is the time!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Easter Sweetie Favour Jars

A bit late I know …….  but these are the little sweetie favour jars I made for Iris to take to school to give her nursery helpers.
Easter Bunny Sweetie Jars
The hexagon (?) jars I have had for ages, which I filled with a mixture of tiny Easter eggs and equally tiny chocolate rabbits that I found in New York.
They really didn’t take that long to make as the rabbit heads and flowers were party confetti from Poundland and just needed gluing on, the bunny tape round the middle of the jars came from Aldi last year and the self adhesive crochet edging from Home Bargains.
Easter Bunny Sweetie Jar
All I had to do was make the tags, using a scalloped edged square punch, with a thread that was tied round the top of the jar.
Easter in a jar  – done and dusted!