Monday, 27 March 2017

Not Enough Time ……..A Charity Shop Treasure ……. And A Bathroom Quandary!

Before I went off to the NEC and spent few days in Wolverhampton I made sure I had enough posts scheduled to cover my time away, plus an extra day or two to cover me while I got back into routine, however on my return said routine went askew as Laura hasn’t been well, and when you get a call for an extra pair of hands, your craft table just has to be abandoned mid flow…….
Easter Crafting TableSo, for a while, while I try to catch up with everything, I think I will only be able to post every other day for a while, I’ve done it in the past and it’s worked well. It’s lovely when I can post every day, but it’s a huge commitment, so if I am not here every day, don’t panic, I just need to do some housework!
50p Hoe50p hoe 3
However, to fill today  …… last Monday I had to go to the doctors and dentist in quick succession, but still had time to nip into one charity shop and found 50p bargain!  It’s a beautifully put together, old fashioned hoe which I needed desperately …….
  Nettles 1nettles
I don’t have a garden of my own, but the communal strip at the back of the flat has a fence and below that a bank running down to the river, in the nine months I’ve been here it hasn’t been touched, until my next door neighbour and I blitzed the nettles that had grown so tall they blocked our view considerably.  Well, the nettles and weeds are growing back again, and I want to keep on top of them, which is why I had been looking for a hoe.
50p hoe 150p hoe 4
It’s a bit like something out of Harry Potter, the handle is made from a branch, but it appears to have been used so much over the years that it’s worn smooth and the top has become rounded, for just 50p it’s a treasure.
Tiles 2And finally……. my recent trip to Ikea has reignited my “fantasy” of having a Moroccan style en-suite shower and/or main bathroom.  These tiles were in an Ikea kitchen display ……. it was love at first sight ……..
Tiles……. the shower cubicle in my shower room would look so beautiful done like this …….. I don’t suppose it would hurt to just get a teensy weensy quote would it ???????

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Happy Mother’s Day …….. With Guest Crafter Iris Roo

Yesterday I spent the morning helping Iris put her Mother’s Day present together.
Morrisons Mothers Day PresentTom had bought a children’s DIY decorative plaque from Morrisons ……
Mothers Day Crafting 7 …… and had fully expected to having plenty of time to help Iris colour and embellish it ……
Mothers Day 2017Mothers Day 2017 a….. ………. but sadly over the past couple of days Laura has been struck down by a rather nasty tummy bug and so on Friday we all went off to the Cotswold Wildlife Park to help give mum some much needed peace, quiet and rest which was then followed by an impromptu sleepover with Nanny for Iris.
 Mothers Day Crafting aMothers Day Crafting
And, it was easier to pop it in Iris’s overnight bag, along with pyjamas, spare clothes, Elmo and Binky The Rabbit, to do with Nanny, freeing up Daddy to concentrate on Master Bertie and a poorly mummy.
MOthers Day Crafting 3I think the girl done good ……. especially as Nanny got out a few extra bits and pieces like micro glitter, which was duly executed like young Dawn Bibby!Mothers Day Crafting jxxxx Wishing everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day, hoping you all get spoilt, just a little bit xxxx

Saturday, 25 March 2017

A Domino Tag For Iris

This project uses a 7cm x 3.5cms children's picture domino as it’s base.
Domino Crafts Iris Mixed Media Domino TagI covered the coloured side of the domino with scraps of a handwriting print paper and torn layers of a spotty green paper plus a scrap for Iris’s name.  The Iris flower is a button leftover from the days of Alan and Barry on Create and Craft. Iris’s name and the edging down the side was done with a black fine liner pen, knowing that the ink would run slightly when the Aleene's Pendant Gel (no longer, I don't think, available in the UK) was applied to the completed design, because I wanted, what I hoped would be, an aged look(?).  The yellow/gold flat backed gems also applied before the gel went on. By flooding the area with quite a thick layer of gel I hoped that the flower would look part embedded in the gloss, like an old tile.Domino Crafts Iris Flower Mixed Media Domino TagOnce the gel had hardened I covered the sides with gold Inkssentials Memory Foil (possibly no longer available in UK)  and smoothed down with a crease mouse.
I screwed a tiny gold eye hook in the top of the “domino”, using a black jewellery wire and  pearl, silver and pink facetted bead to make the hanger.  The back of the tag was simply covered with an account book print paper.
back of Domino tagThe tag is going to be put away for Iris, probably for her Birthday or perhaps Christmas to go into her memory box of tree decorations I have made her over the past two years. I will write a little message and date it when I give it her.  I wonder where it will be in 50 years time?

Friday, 24 March 2017

Easter Button Brooches on Tag

Rather than give Iris’s lovely, lovely, lovely nursery staff something chocolaty for Easter, I decided to turn some of the button flower brooches from the other day into some little Easter gifts that will hopefully last a little longer.Easter Button Brooches on Gift Tag 33333I fiddled and diddled for most of a morning until I was completely happy with the end result.
Button Brooch Brooch backsButton Brooch backs
Firstly I needed to finish off the brooch bases I had made, using self adhesive fabric to cover the card base that I had glued the buttons on to and then added a small brooch pin using E6000 glue, so I could be sure of a secure bond.
Easter TagsEaster Tags
I then cut out the tags and decorated them with assorted of tapes, the dotty tape came from The Works (£2 for a pack 10 colours) and the Easter tape from Lldl.
IMG_1768Easter Button Brooch TagEaster Tag Back
Next I tied the ribbons on, thinking that I would be able to attach the finished brooches to the tags with an adhesive foam pad, but when I tried it, it didn’t look right, so in the end I cut out some small rough rectangles to push the brooch pins through and then held them in place with strips of matching spotty tape.
Easter Tag Back 1Button Brooch Gift Tag Easter Crafts
Not as “professional” looking as I had hoped, but if I do them again I am sure I can fine tune the cutting.  With the brooches now securely in place, I still thought that there was something missing ……….
Easter Button Brooches on Gift TagEaster Crafts Easter Button Brooches on Gift Tag 2
…….but found that by adding some punched leaf sprigs and a few dots here and there, all of a sudden everything came together  ……. I was so chuffed.
Out of curiosity I decided to work out the total cost of one tag complete with three brooches, not bad for just 70p ….. I don’t think you could even buy a cream egg for that!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Easter Card Maker Of The Year …… Mia!

I give up ……. I popped into Moo Moos (Port Street, Evesham) for a cheeky takeaway coffee on my way to pick Madam up from nursery when I spied a basket of handcrafted Easter cards on the counter, well, it would be rude not to size up the competition, wouldn’t it?  I know when I am beaten, they were absolutely brilliant, it would be pointless to even try to compete against such a master!
They were made by Mia, the adorable daughter of Josi, who owns Moo Moos.
miaIt was hard to choose which I one I liked best …….. but in the end I bought the “Easter Bird In Flight” one for Bertie and Iris.
Easter CardsWhat can I say ……
…… my crafty card career in Evesham has ground to a halt before I have even started!
IMG_1803I think I will just stick to making the sweetie bags that I have on the opposite side of the counter!
IMG_1802Well done Little Moo!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Metal Stamped Bird Tag Decoration – Another Experiment

Sorry, another experiment today, but again quite a few lessons were learned, and, it’s got me stamping, my bete noir of crafting, if only in a tiny weeny way!
stamped bird tag decoration sentiment ringI was just going through my drawers (oooooower matron) and found my tiny birds on a branch stamp, and then thought about the large sentiment rings I have had for years, wondering if they would work together.
IMG_1291Tiny Framed Bird Tag Decoration q
I decided to put two rings back to back with two lots of birds stamped on some handwriting design paper to go on both sides of the rings too. I then made a loop using jewellery wire with a bead and stuck it between the two rings. I used E6000 to glue the two parts together to guarantee a strong bond. It all sandwiched together well
Framed Tiny Bird Tag DecoartionI then filled one side of the ring with Glossy Accents and left it to set.  This is when I discovered that the paper wasn’t really really strong enough to take that amount of Glossy accents without more support on the back, which made it wrinkle,  but I preserved and turned it over to repeat the exercise.
wish dream hope tagBut, when it was finished I started to wonder what was that I had actually made? 
I concluded that if this was a double sided Christmas tree decoration, it would work, with an extra layer of card in the middle to support the glossy accents better and with a more festive picture in the middle like holly,mistletoe or a festive scene etc., as the words round the edge lend themselves to Christmas.  The bead could then be replaced with something more Christmassy like red or green or a mix.
stamped bird tag decorationBut, if it were made into a pendant or brooch, I like the birds, they can stay, but using two rings wouldn’t be necessary. I would just support the glossy accented picture with a thicker layer of card behind it, which in turned would be backed with a matching paper and a layer of accents, so that the back is finished off properly, if that makes sense?  I am now going back to the drawing board …… so watch this space, I think all this fiddle farting and musing may pay off in the end!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Few More Button Brooch Pins

Following on from the success of my first button brooch pins the other day, I have made more, in bulk!!
button flower pin brooches 1As I told you, the bulk of my “old” buttons fell victim to my house moving craft cull, but The Works came up trumps, in part, with buttons of just the right size for brooches and card embellishments.
The Works Buttons In the Santoro bag (who make Gorjuss) there were 60 spotty and plain buttons of two sizes for £1 and in the “normal” craft buttons, there were 100 in three different sizes.
 button flower pin brooches 3button flower pin brooches 4
However, despite buying two bags of the Santoro there still wasn’t enough of the larger spotty buttons to make a matching pair for hair clips for Madam, but I did managed to get three pairs from the smaller plain ones in the bags.  At the moment I haven’t added any  self adhesive fabric backing over the card support or brooch pins to the backs, I want to have a play first to see how a few work as embellishments on a card.
button flower pin brooches 6I though I might have better luck making pairs with two bags of the other plain craft buttons, but having three sizes complicated it a little. On the first three flower heads I made, I went overboard trying to use all three sizes, but they didn’t look as “innocent” or simple as the Santoro batch, and using 12 buttons per flower wasn’t as economical. IMG_1590So, after that I made piles of five buttons in various combinations, including adding a few spare ones from the Santoro packs to maximise my yield.
button flower pin broocches bI think the flowers using just five buttons look much sweeter. 
Aside from the one or two I am keeping for cards, I was thinking of packaging them by putting them on a white or possibly Kraft tag in sets of three, one large and two small ones, so that they can be worn singularly or in a group, on clothes or on a bag or make up bag etc. Put in threes it will look like more for your money …… I was thinking of something around £1.50, to be put away until I hear of a craft fair later on in the year.  But before that I need to think about the said packaging ……