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Monday, 19 May 2014

Halogen Bulb Lens Christmas Bauble.

This idea is just a bit of stuff and nonsense!  I hate halogen bulbs, they are a nightmare to put in and a nightmare to take out with that flipping sucker thing and I can guarantee that when I attempt to take a bulb out, the lens comes off on the sucker and the bulb remains firmly in place, aghhhhhh !!!!!
Halogen bulb Christmas Bauble 1
Anyway,  after this happened to me twice in one evening,  I took closer look at the two lens that had come away and wondered if I could make a Christmas bauble using them …. what planet am I on?????
Halogen bulb Christmas Bauble 2
I took some plain blue card, some glitter paper, two penguins from a pack of stickers I bought in Michaels in Las Vegas, some tiny foam pellets and the flipping lenses.
Halogen bulb Christmas Bauble 3
I drew round one lens to make two card circles, cut them out and created two “scenes” using the white glitter paper, two penguins and a bit of doodling.
I put a few of the foam pellets in each of the lenses …..
Halogen bulb Christmas Bauble 4
……. and then put a small amount of glue round the edge of each circle ….. carefully turning the lens over and sticking it on top, praying it wouldn’t get all gunged up ….. it did ……. so I cleaned the lenses up and started again.
Halogen bulb Christmas Bauble 5
Next, I stuck the backs of the two scenes together, putting a loop of ribbon in the middle to act as a hanger. 
Halogen bulb Christmas Bauble 6
Then I glued a small length of pearl bead trim round the edge of the now two sided bauble to cover the join, and a bow on either side, at the top of each bauble over the ribbon …….
Halogen bulb Christmas Bauble 7
……. et voila! A mad experiment that went surprisingly well, and all from the lens of a couple of bulbs, who would have thought it?


Cheryl W said...

Your bauble is quite lovely - it will definitely help dress up the Christmas tree!

marc said...

what a fab idea love this make i hate that sucker thing two lol great make big love marc

tilly said...

a super bauble from rubbish pleased to see Marc back and hope is doing okay now

qwiksave said...

Inspired! Great result and once again I am impressed with your creativity. You have a remarkable way of turning something from 'blah' to 'yah!' Nicky {Creative Flourishes}

Chrysalis said...

So sweet, Helen! x

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Great idea, I love the penguins : ) Good to see that Marc is feeling better. Take care.